Cooperation with ISST Melnik

20/05/2011 14:00

Since we feel the need for new support staff, was on 16 5th 2011 signed between ETZPOWER, Ltd. and Integrated Technical High School from Melnik ( to encourage young people interested in education in electrician / electrical engineer.


Wrote about us:

Just out of tradition and history not to live. You know well and in society ETZPOWER, Ltd., which has operations in Budyně nad Ohri. Its main business field is the production of low voltage switchboards and electrical work.

Skilled workers are essential to quality products and customer satisfaction. Therefore, the management company agreed with the Secondary Technical School built in Melnik on mutual cooperation and signed a partnership contract under a national project IQ Industry. Under the agreement, selected students will receive electrical fields mechanic, electrician, electrician - heavy, or mechanical engineer to complete his practical training on the premises ETZPOWER Ltd. in z Budyně n.O. and become familiar with the high-tech and modern technology. Moreover, after graduating from school here can get prospective employment. ETZPOWER Company, Ltd. within its capabilities, in turn provide ISST Melnik material for teaching these subjects and held professional internships for interested teachers of the school.



In the picture are both from the part - CEO Mr. Zdeněk Vrána and headmaster Mr. Vojtěch Stritzko - when signing the partnership agreement.



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